Packing Services

by Amit Kakar

Have you begun to think about how and where to start and plan for your transfer by packing your home up? Prior to your step, where are you going to store all the materials? What kind of materials would I require for packing? Where do I buy supplies for packaging from? Relax and let AffordablePerthRemovalists assist you in preparing your pass.

When moving home, AffordablePerthRemovalists’ certified packing and removalist experts will ready your furniture and belongings for your next trip to avoid the extra pressure and hassle packing can bring.

We recognize that packing is an vital aspect of your step at AffordablePerthRemovalists; that’s why we have the best-trained packing teams in the industry for removals. Through our committed Removalist Training Academy, our skilled moving workers have been qualified to the highest standards concerning safety, packaging, crating, packaging and handling procedures, ensuring that AffordablePerthRemovalists retains our ISO9001 certification and reputation as conscientious movers.

We are committed to customer loyalty and it is part of this effort to provide a wide variety of packaging solutions for removals. Our portfolio of services consists of:

Total loading and unpacking for movement
Fragile packing for fragile or major goods
Provision of supplies for consumers to carry out the carrying themselves
Specialized crating services for valuable or Fragile materials
We treat your possessions with the same care and respect as we would treat our own.

When you travel with AffordablePerthRemovalists, you can be assured that your cherished possessions will be carefully treated and secured to the highest standards in the world. Our staff use a number of specialized materials in your old and new home to secure stairs, staircases, doors and other sensitive parts of your home.

For fragile and soft furnishings, high duty plastics
Wrapping furniture materials in felt mats for dust-free furniture
To suit your particular possessions, a wide variety of carton sizes
Moving professional bins for televisions, artwork, golf clubs and bicycles
For high demand objects, custom packaging
Custom high-protection crates for artwork, antiques and pianos
To ensure secure shipping, any one of your personal possessions will be handled individually and packed with advanced packaging materials. All moved household goods will be individually numbered and listed on our exclusive inventory system and checked off at distribution by you, guaranteeing your complete peace of mind.

In a three-layer structure, our advanced and exclusive foreign wrapping material has been uniquely designed to provide your personal effects with the utmost security for your furniture pieces.

The first coating is ‘Cellfoam,’ which is a non-abrasive substance that helps the furniture products to breathe, made up of small air cells. The second coating is bubblewrap, which provides the objects with cushioning from denting, scratching, and other hazards involved with travel. The third layer is an incredibly tough polywoven substance that provides tear and scratching resistance like no other commodity on the market.

When traveling interstate or moving overseas, our foreign wrapping material provides the best security for your furniture. For highly polished objects and leather accessories, the wax-free material is suitable since it is highly resistant to leave no marks, indentations or bruises like other items often used in the removal industry.