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If you own or run a hotel, these days you can face some challenges. Travel has declined since the COVID 19 pandemic and the economy is uncertain. If you are contemplating a transfer to a smaller or more appropriate place for your hotel, you will need to know some primary accommodation considerations. In particular, when you move to a hotel, you may want to know specifically what it takes to be successful in your new place.


HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee—U.S. weekly hotel occupancy was the lowest for any week since late June, according to the latest data from STR through 31 October.

25-31 October 2020 (percentage change from comparable week in 2019):

  • Occupancy: 44.4% (-29.0%)
  • Average daily rate (ADR): US$91.56 (-27.4%)
  • Revenue per available room (RevPAR): US$40.70 (-48.4%)

With rising COVID-19 case numbers and less leisure travel, the U.S. saw a second consecutive week with fewer hotel guests. During October 25-31, room demand fell 1.3 million from the prior week, leading to the country’s lowest occupancy level (44.4%) since the week of June 14-20. Source:

The effect of the pandemic

A recent article on ABC News website tells you about the situation as a hotel owner or manager. Travel was one of the most hit sectors in the first 100 days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now aviation is on the rise, and the occupancy of the hotel is actually improving after it reached a low level in April. Currently, the housing industry seems to bound up with weekly occupancy increases.

However, when travel returns, the hospitality industry will look a bit different. Aussies travel less and go more on the route. Gas prices have decreased dramatically because many families drive along their roads to ensure that they remain socially isolated from other citizens and that they prefer to stay in safe and sanitary hotels.

Many people explore their local areas more and use nature as a way to get outside but also to prevent direct touch. Road trips are expected to continue to be common, as restrictions remain in place throughout the pandemic and gas prices remain low.

Future Tendencies

Understanding the pandemic and the developments tourists want to see in the future can help you appreciate your hotel’s best location and layout. The future hotel is predicted in HotelTechReport to be less “big boxes,” and more “out of the boxes.”

Trends in hotel design concentrate on art , culture and singularity. Future visitors may follow design that represents the character of the destination, whether it be local art or the architecture itself. The space itself is unique in some hotels, with innovative lobbying ideas or public areas which showcase nature. Floor-to – ceiling windows in lobbies filled with plants and guestrooms provide guests with a connexion to nature in an urban environment.

Logistics and Planning

If you’ve found a place to optimise the benefits to visitors during and after the pandemic, you need a hotel movement strategy. It is clear that the process is more complex and time consuming than moving a house or apartment. It all begins with a strategy that covers logistics for you and your guests.

Critical is timeliness

You want to minimise downtime when moving to a hotel. In your off-season, you will need to time the move to impact as few potential guests as possible. Timeliness is important as your inventory is transferred and re-installed in your new location so that you can restart operations as soon as possible.

Furniture, machinery and appliances

Most people think of the beds and desks in each room when going to a hotel. Your hotel will also have in each room refrigerators and microwaves, and equipment that you use for front desk operations, as well as equipment for your breakfast choices. You need a skilled mover who can take care of all these things and ensure that your furniture or equipment is not harmed.

Packaging and Bubble Wrap Heaven

You will have sheets, towels, artwork, and other stock to pack and unpack in addition to these major items. Beds may also have to be broken down to be transported. A professional mover in these areas can help to ensure that your movement is smooth and effective.


If you move a hotel to a smaller location, you will no longer have space for all your equipment and furniture. You may also have some time between closing your current location and moving into your new location. You will need a large enough storage solution to house your furniture , appliances, appliances and other inventory. You must also ensure that the storage facility is temperature controlled in order to prevent harm to these products.

Perth Moving and Storage Moving Hospitality

The Affordable Perth Removalist professionals will work with you on the details, plans and logistics needed to move a hotel. We experience packaging, loading, moving and unpacking of large items like your furniture and sensitive items like your electronics. We take every necessary precaution during the coronavirus pandemic to preserve your safety and well-being throughout the whole process. For more information on moving your hotel, motel or pub, contact us. To learn more about our moving services of hospitality, call .